Straighten up your desk…virtually!

Everything has its place. Every drawer its folders, every folder its files. Then you’re switching from one app to the next in your multitasking day, invalid format! Searching for that copy of the copy of your important document digitized texted and printed…File not Found!

Its understandable your poor head hurts…enduring unnecessary punishment on a digital daily basis!

…will this help?

Computer Management Essential to File Health

This relaxed-paced course focuses on creating fast-access folder/file systems, search/manipulation of your data (understanding formats, associations), file editing, copying/pasting, backup/recovery, corruption repair, device-to-computer file transfer, malware removal and more. You will also explore in detail the vast Settings sections that are essentially the backbone of Windows 10.

You will need a computer with Windows 7 or higher with a working Internet connection. For remote classes your computer must have a webcam and microphone or headset.

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