One Hour Mini-Courses

Don’t have time for a full course? Want to learn a specific task with an application? You’ve come to the right page!

WordUp’s trademark mini-courses zero in on what you need to accomplish in your job so that you can master its content and operation. Just an hour long, they are ideal for fitting them into your busy schedule.

*This is not an exhaustive list…many more to come!

Introduction to ComputersComputer Malware Primer1
 Installing New Hardware1
 Troubleshooting Internet Connectivity1
 Maximizing your Internet Experience1
 Your Computer & Connections1
 Windows Update and Installations1
 Doubling your Productivity with Shortcuts1
 Windows 10 Settings1
 Compressed and ISO files2
 Creating & Managing Shortcuts1
Microsoft WordTemplate Basics1
 Character & Paragraph Formatting1
 Words Proofreading Tools1
 Tabs & Tables1
 Table of Contents & Indexes2
 Creating a Newsletter2
 Headers & Footers2
 Advanced Page Layout2
 Mail Merge2
 Working with Pictures2
Microsoft ExcelNavigating Large Worksheets1
 Basic Excel Formula1
 Multi-Axis Charts & Trendlines2
 Logical and Date Functions2
 Identifying & Correcting Errors1
 Data Validation2
 Pivot Tables & Charts2
 Special & Conditional Formatting1
 Working with Lists/Databases1
 “What if” Scenarios2
 Worksheet & Workbook Protection1

Be sure to mention which mini-courses you would like to take and contact us now! 🙂

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