Microsoft Word – Level 3 (Advanced)

WordUp Computer Services is happy to launch our advanced Microsoft Word course, now running on a need-to-learn basis. Let us know when you’d like to learn it and you have the choice as to its delivery:

  • In person at your home or office (if in designated teaching range)
  • By remote via Microsoft Teams (still with a live instructor, but at a slightly reduced cost)

If you’re comfortable with the basics and want to tap into the true power of Word, you will want this course. Topics include:

  • Office Automation (templates, building blocks and macros)
  • Collaborating documents (sharing, tracking changes)
  • Master and subdocuments
  • The “hidden” Developer tab
  • Fillable forms
  • Restricting editing and protecting documents
  • and much more…

This course requires average knowledge of the Windows operating system and Microsoft Word basic functions. As always, we offer this new course at a special introductory price! 🙂

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