Pre-summer Price Sizzle

As the hazy, crazy, lazy days of summer approach us, doubtful you will want to bake in a classroom setting. At WordUp we are offering must-have computer courses to learn; quick and easy at very cool prices. Available via remote or in your own home or office. Check out the lineup on sale until June 17th of this year:

COURSE                              DURATION      PRICE

Microsoft Excel                  6 hours            $150.00

Microsoft PowerPoint       6 hours            $150.00

Microsoft Word                  6 hours            $150.00

Microsoft 365                     8 hours            $150.00

Excelerate!                          1.5 hours           $35.00

Come take advantage of this rare price slash, and relax this summer with your newfound skills vital to the workforce! Call or email us today and start learning right away!


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